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Japanese input is translated into English, and a Japanese-English mix is also available. Ex.'I like' + your native language.
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Download SpeakL on AppStore   Download SpeakL on Google Play

"SpeakL" is a service for practicing English conversation with AI.

Increase your output by accumulating conversational experience and focusing on getting used to it.

English conversation improves as the number of outputs increases, but in actual English conversation, it is often difficult to increase the number of times due to psychological hurdles such as rushing to respond quickly and what to do if you make a mistake.

The biggest advantage of AI English conversation is that AI never gets tired, always responds favorably, doesn't need to worry about grammatical errors, worries about assembling sentences, and speaks to the fullest. , to get used to the output.

Features of SpeakL

4,205 AI combination patterns
By combining 145 occupations in 29 countries, it is possible to talk with AI that has the characteristics of the industry and country that meet your needs. Over 80 characters are also popular.

Relax lessons
Unlike English conversations with people you don't know very well, you can relax and enjoy conversations without feeling nervous, embarrassed, or worried about making mistakes.

Lessons 24 hours
You can practice English conversation whenever you like, even late at night, early in the morning, or on holidays.

Grammar check
You can learn not only grammatical errors but also more natural expressions, which can be useful for efficiently improving your English conversation skills.

Expression evaluation report
AI will analyze and report the naturalness of your conversation and grammatical ability. (Click the number at the bottom left of the AI ​​instructor image)

Various topics
Over 1000 wide-ranging topics such as work, life, philosophy, etc.

Daily Talk 500 topics
Basic 242 topics
Business 276 topics
Economics 43 topics

Interactive English conversation experience with AI
A realistic English conversation experience. You can sharpen your skills by training in one-on-one English conversation lessons with AI.

Allows you to learn new expressions at your own pace.
Since there is no time limit for speaking, there is time to learn new expressions learned from AI's utterances and translations, and to reflect on your own grammatical mistakes.

Translate your native language into English.
"Text talk" allows you to enter your native language. Mixed your native language-English input is also possible. You can also check "what you wanted to say in English" in the translation. Ex. I like + your native language.

For listening
Speaking speed is standard American speed.(AI also speaks Australian and British accents.)

Low cost
Because the cost is lower than general English conversation lessons, you can increase the amount of output without worrying about the cost.

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1 turn average


Average conversation time/session

23.36 min

Total conversation time

h min

(From May 21, 2023 to present)

We live in "good times".

International students improving in pubs.

"I improved my English in a pub", many former study abroad students say.
Although it is a casual place, the conversation in the pub has increased the amount of conversation on a wide range of topics, from familiar to serious, and has played a role in improving English.

English conversation progresses in proportion to the amount of knowledge and the amount of conversation. Also, most of the actual English conversations are free conversations that test your vocabulary.

Although you can't easily go to overseas pubs, you can easily talk to AI, so try talking about various things.

Speak lots Low cost Self-study
English conversation lessons from US$4.50 per month.
This price for the first 10,000 customers.

*1 turn = 1 back-and-forth conversation
*Subscription period example: If purchased on July 7th, it will last until August 6th
Payment uses "Stripe", which is introduced by slack, Amazon, shopify, Google, zoom, etc. The customer's credit card information is transmitted by a tokenized payment method that converts it to "different characters" so that it cannot be identified, and the card information is not stored. Stripe is a payment service that complies with the international security standard "PCI DSS" for payment cards, is protected by 3D Secure 2, and is used in 175 countries around the world.

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Speak lots Low cost Self-study
English conversation lessons from US$4.50 per month.
This price for the first 10,000 customers.

Economy(Max 600 turns)     US$4.50/month

Standard(max 1200 turns)  US$7.00/month

Premium(Max 2000 turns)  US$10.00/month

*1 turn = 1 round-trip conversation
*Subscription period example: If purchased on July 7th, period until August 6th

App version
Download SpeakL on AppStore  Download SpeakL on Google Play
Download SpeakL on AppStore   Download SpeakL on Google Play


Since its launch, SpeakL has been featured in numerous media outlets.



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